Creative writing made super easy!

Creative writing can seem daunting for kids. But sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. Use our super easy creative writing formula to help children start story writing instantly. This easy creative writing technique teaches kids how to get started, choose strong descriptive words, and add action.

Story Writing Formula

All kids need to start writing a story is this super easy formula. Choose a Who, a What, and a Why Not to get a story started.

Creative writing for kids made easy with a simple creative writing formula


How it works:

A great story needs an interesting main character (Who) and a plot (What + Why not). Once you break up the action into those three easy components, starting to write a creative story gets a whole lot easier.


Creative writing for kids- How to create a story


Step by step guide to creative writing for kids:

When you use the Super Easy Creative Writing Formula and follow this easy creative writing how to guide, you'll be writing great stories in no time. Just follow Step 1, 2, and 3.

Super easy creative writing for kids formula, Step 1

There are lots of Who, What, and Why Nots all around you. Follow us to Creative Writing for Kids Step 1 and learn how to create a story, or browse our list of creative writing prompts for kids.


Creative writing for kids made easy - Step 2

Give your main character some personality to get the story rolling. Follow us to Creative Writing for Kids Step 2 or skip right to our Awesome Adjectives list .


Creative writing for kids made easy Step 3

Now your story needs some action. Follow us to Creative Writing For Kids Step 3 or combine some Vibrant Verbs with our Why Not list for some great plot twists.


This creative writing how to guide is available as a printable free creative writing lesson plan. Also, try our worksheets, posters, and other creative writing exercises.