Daily writing prompts for kids

Looking for daily writing prompts for elementary aged students? These daily writing ideas help kids love writing stories. Check back often as we regularly add more to our list of fun daily writing prompts!

Daily Writing Prompts

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Day 20

A puppy wants to turn on the tv but his paws can't pick up the remote.

Day 19

A teapot wants to hold a bake sale but guests keep thinking she's part of the meal.

Day 18

A meat-eating-plant wants to take over the garden but a giant beetle has other plans.

Day 17

A baby genius wants to build a catapult but the family dog keeps taking his wood.

Day 16

An evil ladybug wants to shrink the world but his minions just quit.

Day 15

A tater tot wants to save the world but she burns in the sun.

Day 14

A PE Teacher wants to ride a camel but he's very clumsy.

Day 13

A student's backpack wants a very lazy day but the homework in it just won't cooperate.

Day 12

A zombie wants to become a voice impersonator but he keep getting distracted.

Day 11

A deep-fried candy bar wants to be a master chef but he just can’t get any respect.

Day 10

A school principal wants a peaceful recess time but her evil nemesis, Captain Chaos, has other plans.

Day 9

A viking wants to win a watermelon seed spitting contest but she’s allergic to fun.

Day 8

A wizard wants to bake a cake but his magic wand is broken.

Day 7

A penguin wants to make disco clothes fashionable again but she has an attack of the hiccups.

Day 6

A student wants to write a paper about how to catch a greased pig but the internet is broken.

Day 5

An astronaut wants to rescue a kitten from a tree but gravity just became super strong.

Day 4

A bubble wants to visit the Statue of Libery but the wind is very gusty.

Day 3

A superhero's cape wants to overcome a fear of heights but his superhero keeps getting called to rescue others.

Day 2

A blob of Jello wants to ride a roller coaster but she keeps getting squashed on the turns.

Day 1

A pirate wants to change from a bad guy into a good guy but a mysterious treasure map keeps tempting him.