Pugfessor- the pug professor picture writing prompt for kids.

He's called Pugfessor... and he has a plan. How will he get the world to pay attention to his new invention? Help kids create a story with this silly picture prompt, or see the full gallery of picture writing prompts.


Story Starter Idea

The (adjective) professor wanted the world to know about his (adjective) invention, but first he had to get their attention.


Awesome Adjectives List

Is he a brilliant professor? A diabolical professor? Is his invention going to save the world, or turn it all into kibble?

Kids can create their own idea from the picture, or use the fill in the blank prompt with some creative describing words to see how the story progresses. Get strong adjective, verb and adverb ideas from our Awesome Adjectives list, Adverbs list, and Vibrant Verbs list.