Free printable story idea generator for kids generates countless creative writing prompts.

Free, printable story idea generator for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Generate tons of fun, creative writing prompts that help kids love to create stories.

Simply flip the pages to generate an instant story idea with main character and plot.


Download printable story idea generator PDF


How to use the story idea generator

Based on our super easy storytelling formula, this creative writing prompt generator helps kids start a story by offering options for a main character (a WHO) and a plot (WHAT the character wants and WHY NOT- why he can't get it intially). Students flip pages to mix and match a WHO, WHAT, and WHY NOT- generating tons of fun story ideas.

The writing prompt generator book includes basic instructions on how to move from the story idea to writing the story. Or you can add some of our free creative writing worksheets (like our Awesome Adjectives List and Plot Planning Worksheet) to your story idea generator book to help students add detail to their story. Free and easy to print, this story idea generator is one students can use over and over to generate daily creative writing prompts.


Download printable story idea generator PDF